Part 04 – 1970s My First Major Client

Income before politics

I enjoyed working on the (sizeable for a one-man-band) NUT account at a time when teachers’ unions were engaging with the new Minister for Education – Margaret Thatcher. The work was varied and there was plenty of it. I was able to use my illustration and photographic skills, hand producing all the artwork myself.

National Union of Teachers calling for a bigger slice of the salary cake.
Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions fighting for better terms.

Pre-scanning photography

In an era prior to scanning, producing the separations for colour printing required four separated negatives to be made, each exposed with a special filter to isolate the cyan, yellow, magenta and black.

Any retouching was carried out working directly on the negative film.

ATTI campaigning for skills training.

The move to transparency

In the 1970s, transparency film became more popular, superseding colour negative.

Specialist processing houses grew up to satisfy the demand for fast turnaround film processing and ‘R-type’ and ‘Cibachrome’ prints.

Companies such as Quicksilver and Ceta Colour ran bikes all over London and operated a round-the-clock service to design studios and agencies.

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