Part 10 – 1980s Growing Through Recommendation

Client recommendations

The ICI account came about through our work with Scientific American, who ran their ‘Innovators’ campaign.

To handle the pan- European work generated by ICI, we had to create associate offices, primarily with editorial staff, in Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Barcelona. We just lost out to Saatchi on the re-brand of ICI worldwide, something that I still have not quite forgiven myself for.

As time went on, companies drifted away from having all their creative work done in London, and country-specific campaigns were increasingly seen as the way forward.

Our work for ICI was truly international; we commissioned translation and typesetting in each country and coordinated the production of a great many publicity items across the European market.

Setting the standard

Nielsen-Bainbridge is the world’s largest frame and mount-board manufacturer, operating in many markets. Fortunately for us, their European headquarters was, in the 80s, based in London.

Working with a manufacturer with such market dominance allowed us to lead the industry in design terms, charting new areas where competitors would have to follow. Understanding and highlighting unique features of a manufacturer’s products is a key part of a consultancy’s brief.

We endeavoured to make their trade advertising do a far bigger job than simply broadcast product information. It had to be intriguing, interesting and distinctive. At the time our work was praised as highly innovative – just the sort of thing a market leader should be doing.

Advertising to promote Aluminium framing as it appeared in the trade press.
Advertising and promotional material for Bainbridge’s wide range of coloured mount boards
Promotional material for Bainbridge’s wide range of coloured mount boards was designed to cross over to the consumer when used in framing outlets

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