Part 27 – 2000s Lifestyle Publishing Moves on

Publishing independence

We are fortunate to have known publisher Jacqui Small since her days at Mitchell Beazley back in the early 80s.

Often described as a ‘luminary’, Jacqui has been hugely influential in the style and content of illustrated lifestyle books, and we have followed her all the way.

As an independent publisher with her own imprint, her output set the standard in this area, and we are proud to count ourselves amongst her list of preferred designers.

Cover design and spreads from Kitchen Culture, published by Jacqui Small

Publishing moves on

A niche area in which we have gained considerable experience is in specialist history books, ranging from local history to family memoirs, where print runs are strictly limited, and our clients are often ‘self-publishers’.

This is a fascinating area, and hugely satisfying, as our clients are not only passionate about their subject, but also extremely grateful for the experience and advice that we can impart about the mysterious process of putting a book together – something that we feel well-qualified to do after more than forty years in the business.

Our design for an award-winning local history book, produced in association with our great friend, author and co-editor Lizzie Sanders
A great design commission from Huw Stevenson, telling the story of his illustrious family history

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