Part 02 – 1970s The Royal College of Art & The Advent of Colour

Colour – the luxury option

In the early days, most printed items were in black and white. Colour was a luxury restricted to use on magazine and book covers, and in top-end advertising.

The worst option was ‘two-colour’ printing, which clients thought would give them an advantage, but invariably produced a most unappealing, muddy result, and never justified the extra cost.

Making a point

Early work from my days as a student at the Royal College of Art demonstrates a visual style typical of its time.

Uncluttered typography, clear visuals – more often than not photography, and in many cases a duo-tone – and a bit of work to be done by the viewer to comprehend the complete message.

Charity Poster for ‘War on Want’.
Anti-smoking Poster for ASH.
RCA Painters’ Exhibition Poster.
‘Art-Deco’ Poster for a lecture by Royal College of Art tutor Malcolm Winton
Italian Documentary Films Poster.

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