In an English garden

#curatedspaces – broad canvass

It is never easy to pin down what is quintessential to our character, but it is safe to say the English love to garden and in a singular style defined by history, climate and scale. Our garden is small in scale but filled with a wide variety of plants chosen for interest throughout the year.

There is a long tradition of artists being inspired by their gardens and in 2016 the Royal Academy of Arts put on an exhibition entitled Painting the modern garden – Monet to Matisse which was the inspiration behind this series of paintings.

Oil sketch of a laburnum

Oil sketch of a laburnum tree cascading over lilac [Cat: 0332, Laburnum, 16 x 20″ / 40 x 50 cm, Oil paint on canvass board, 2015]

Mons Chair

#Cul-De-Sac – no way out

There are certain scenes and situations that affect us in strange ways, whether it is a feeling of déjà vu or something comforting, or perhaps we are aware of a strange sensation but are unaware of the reason behind it.

Several years ago, while staying at a run-down pension in Mons – an ancient hilltop town in the south of France, way off the beaten track – I became fascinated by this scene. The pot plant blocks off access to a short flight of stairs that lead only to a disused and locked door, creating a sense of mystery, and the adjacent chair suggests that a guard or custodian has temporarily vacated their station.

perfectly placed pot plant and chair

A perfectly placed pot plant and chair [Cat: 0571, Chair at the top of the stairs, 20 x 24″ / 50 x 60 cm, Oil paint on canvas board, 2013]


Orizzonti: Casamavi, Pergola, Italy  7-21 October 2018

Santa Maria delle Tinte

Six new works were added to those shown at the Serra Sant’Abbondlo exhibition in September 2018.

Serra Sant’Abbondio, Le Marche, Italy  7-9 September 2018

Designed to coincide with this year’s festival of Santa Patrono in the town of Serra Sant’Abbondio, this exhibition showcases a small selection of Peter’s work from the last 20 years, during which he has become a regular visitor to this wild and mountainous region in north east Italy. His travels have resulted in a number of studies which capture its beauty and sense of history, on show here for the first time.

ORIZZONTI poster for exhibition

Serra Sant’Abbondio, Le Marche, Italy 7-9 September 2018. Architectural details sit alongside landscapes and natural forms, demonstrating a range of styles and techniques common to all of Peter’s work. A highlight of the show takes the form of a series of studies of the local mountain, Monte Catria, which illustrate its changing shape and character throughout one day in the summer of 2011, taking the viewer on a journey from morning mist to evening twilight via a wide range of striking, interpretive styles.



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#allthatglitters – dreams of fortunes

With dreams of fortunes and fool’s gold, dynamic crystalline geometries both reflective and translucent, rocks provide a fascinating subject to study.  Holding a piece of rock is akin to holding the earth’s history in your hands, and it can be imagined as a whole mountain range in miniature. I find it very difficult to describe rocks visually. They hold a fascination for me, and I regularly seek out examples of other artists’ work for inspiration.

Paintings of rocks
Two sketches of rocks on a hillside in the Aegean region of Turkey made in 2009 for a larger painting when I have decided the direction to take. [Cat: 506 Rocks in shade, 2009, Acrylic on board, 297 x 420 mm] [Cat: 506 Rocks in sunlight, 2009, Acrylic on board, 297 x 420 mm]
Rocks is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Rocks tells the story of the earth’s origins through their faceted shapes and multiple forms, from tiny gemstones to imposing granite rock faces.

Abstract rock image
Early thoughts about an abstract direction, 2009. [Cat: 722 Flat Rocks, 2009, Digital, 400 x 400 mm]
Rocks study
This is the idea that I am currently working on which will be visualised in 3D, 2013. [Cat: 723 Rock Block, 2013, Digital, 250 x 400mm]


#solesurvivors – exploring isolation

A single tree silhouetted on the skyline is a trope of loneliness, but that does not diminish the power of such an image as a single tree is the sole survivor of a onetime forest. Trees do not grow in isolation; they are social beings that benefit from being in numbers, and we mammals have a close association and long-standing interdependence with them, as it was their early presence on the planet that exchanged the carbon-filled atmosphere for life-giving oxygen.

It is this close relationship that I like to explore in my studies of trees, bark, leaves and forests.

Olive Tree South
Olive Tree South: An old olive tree growing near the coast, its boughs swept into an elaborate ‘hair style’ by the prevailing winds – July 2004 – 40 x 30 cm / 16″ x 12″ [Cat:730]
Trees is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Trees focuses on the endless variety in our woodlands and forests, constantly changing in form and appearance throughout the year.

Open Hearted Tree:
Open Hearted Tree: A tree, its trunk completely hollowed out and yet continuing to support a healthy crown of leaves – June 2016 – 40 x 30 cm / 16″ x 12″ [Cat:733]

Reliquaries, container of divine power

#relicsandreliquaries -certainty of power

Otherwise unremarkable objects, a nail, a splinter of wood or a square of linen are imbued with the power to heal and mend broken lives by faith and their sumptuous presentation. There is an irony between the mundanity of the object, a nail, and the gold, emeralds, pearls and rubies that surround it, suggesting the uncertainty of power.

I think I can use this ‘objective irony’ to good effect in an artwork.

Comparison of monstrances for reference
Research photography for the Saville project [Cat: 08/015, Comparison of monstrances for reference, 6 mp / 5312 x 2988 pixel, Digital Photography, 2017]

Stairs – suspense and surprise

#betweenworlds – ascending and descending

The geometry of stairs in all their fascinating varieties – sharp and steep leading down to a cellar or sweeping upwards to a grand hall – always provides a tantalising prelude to what is hidden from view. They are still, silent, inanimate, yet hold the possibility of suspense and surprise.

Stairs, landing and door in silver grey
Stairs, landing and door in silver grey [Cat: 0015, Stairs # 03, 16 x 16″ / 40 x 40 cm, Giclee Print, 2007]
I have treated the subject in several different ways in my work and will continue to explore other avenues to feed my fascination with stairs, hallways and passages.

In my latest works I have added people to the scenes to see how they react to this intriguing environment.

Pas de Calais

#weatheredlandscape – elemental sculpture

Coastal regions where gales often lash the landscape have a character of their own, and one particular favourite is the Pas de Calais where the trees that have survived have bent to the prevailing winds. Trying to capture this landscape without taming it provides an intriguing challenge.

Autumn landscape photography
Autumn landscape photography [Cat: 16/100, Tree Lined Road, 1 mp / 769 x 576 pixel, Digital Photography, 2004]

Natural Forms

#sourceofabstraction – the boundary between

Natural Forms is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Natural Forms focuses on the boundary between flora and fauna, such as a fungus that resembles flesh, or a shell that takes on the appearance of a human ear.

Shapes floating in an ocean of blue
Shapes floating in an ocean of blue [Cat: 29/9999, Shapes on a blue background, 10 x 8″ / 25 x 20 cm, Chalk on cardboard, 2017]