(21) Seeing in the dark

clashing colours, complementary after- glows

#seeinginthedark – sensations of spatial awareness

Can we see with our eyes closed? We can see perfectly clearly in our dreams and even when we are awake with our eyes closed, we get the sense of the space around us. It has been suggested that sensitive areas of our cheeks can generate a sensation of spatial awareness through a number of sensors.

If we can feel what we can see, can we believe what we see? The work of M C Escher has a wide appeal and fascinates graphic artist as do the ticks of visual illusion, Ponzo’s rail track illusion, silhouettes of two faces that could be a vase and Kanizsa’s triangle.

Both the static and the digital visual experiments work with the visual effects of clashing colours, the halos they produce and the after images.

Room # 01
Original artwork rendered in 3D [Cat: 21/9999, Room # 01, 16 x 20″ / 40 x 50 cm, Gouache on board, 1968]