(22) Through a green landscape

Green Spain

#journeythroughlandscape – romance of loneliness

The rocky northern coastal region of the Iberian Peninsula and the Basque people who live there create an atmosphere that is a blend of both European and Asiatic. Known in the UK as ‘Green Spain’ thanks to its cooler, wetter climate and tree-covered mountain ranges, it is an intriguing area. The Basque culture’s mysterious roots, the ruggedness of the coastline and the beckoning Atlantic wilderness all feed the imagination.

Travelling through the region’s mountainous Picos de Europa national park a few years ago, I was captivated by its remoteness and beauty. Villages are few and far between, so the feeling of space and mental freedom are amplified. The spectacular landscape would encourage any artist to attempt to capture both its beauty and the romance of loneliness that emanates from an all-pervading mist that hangs in the valleys throughout the day. Snow-capped peaks rise into the clouds in mid-summer, and cattle roam freely on the lush pasture. Ramshackle shepherds’ huts and barns litter the landscape, making perfect subjects for study.

Playa De Amio
Rocks, sand, sea and sky [Cat: 22/06, Playa De Amio, 12 x 16” / 30 x 40 cm, Watercolour on board, 2016]