(20) Annunciation of the maiden

Fra Fillipo Lippi ‘Annunciation of the Virgin”

#annuciation – heralding the future

Paintings of the early Renaissance have always held a fascination for me. While the colours and artistry are brilliant, it is the compositions that hold my attention. The scenes are deliberately posed in a way prescient of photography, but photography with a difference where the perspective and scale can be manipulated to carefully compose the scene.

In this project I am attempting to visualise the way in which the scene is constructed outside the frame imposed by the artist – in other words, what it is that they did not want us to see.

Annunciation of the Virgin
Prototype re-creation of Fra Fillipo Lippi ‘Annunciation of the Virgin” [Cat: 20/9999, Untitled, / 5312 x 2988 pixel, 3D Digital, 20012]