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Stairs – suspense and surprise

#betweenworlds – ascending and descending

The geometry of stairs in all their fascinating varieties – sharp and steep leading down to a cellar or sweeping upwards to a grand hall – always provides a tantalising prelude to what is hidden from view. They are still, silent, inanimate, yet hold the possibility of suspense and surprise.

Stairs, landing and door in silver grey
Stairs, landing and door in silver grey [Cat: 0015, Stairs # 03, 16 x 16″ / 40 x 40 cm, Giclee Print, 2007]
I have treated the subject in several different ways in my work and will continue to explore other avenues to feed my fascination with stairs, hallways and passages.

In my latest works I have added people to the scenes to see how they react to this intriguing environment.