(38) Elevated plains

The Plateau series

#elevatedplains – distant horizons

Plateaus are elevated places, strongholds, but they can also represent the limits of performance or ambition. Physically, they can appear as safe places to be, where one can see what is both above and below, but they demand a decision when one leaves them – which way to go next.

The idea of the plateau, with the dilemma faced by the ‘occupant’, inspired me to create the abstract paintings in this series.

PLATEAU | series II | Moonlight
The PLATEAU series [Cat: 9999, PLATEAU | series II | Moonlight, 30 x 40″ / 76 x 101 cm, Acrylic on canvass, 2004]

Safe places

#elevatedplains – distant horizons 02

Standing on this flat hilltop plain in the Chilterns provides a clear view to the far-off horizon. In the middle-distance sheep graze in safety, untroubled in an open space that does not provide any cover for predators.

An untroubled scene [Cat: 38 ELEVATED PLAINS 001]