(36) Time and tide

The Mount series

#timeandtide – metamorphosis

Although now cold, some craggy mountain structures were formed by volcanic action and were born from deep in the earth as white-hot lava flowed to the surface. Worn down thousands of years later into smaller rounded shapes by icy glaciers, the mount that remains is a pleasingly shaped structure – a mere shadow of its former self, yet still resisting its ultimate fate.

Mounts are the inspiration for an abstract series which suggests birth, metamorphosis, and present state.

MOUNT | series III | Monte Catria
The MOUNT series [Cat: 9999, MOUNT | series III | Monte Catria, 30 x 40″ / 76 x 101 cm, Acrylic on canvass, 2015]

Time passing

#timeandtide – metamorphosis 01

There are two sundials on the south side of Lincoln Cathedral (consecrated 1092), with the inscription reminding us that ‘time passes quickly’ – a view you can understand when something has been around for over a thousand years, but measured against geological time it is insignificant.

Time passing as a shadow [Cat: (36) TIME AND TIDE 74]