(29) The source of abstraction

A still heart

#sourceofabstraction – the boundary between 01

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This heart-shaped hollow in this old tree trunk with the sinews of the form flowing around it make it a perfect subject for inspiration. There is depth and detail within the hollow and s prig of new life emerging from the heart of the old.


Natural Forms

#sourceofabstraction – the boundary between

Natural Forms is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Natural Forms focuses on the boundary between flora and fauna, such as a fungus that resembles flesh, or a shell that takes on the appearance of a human ear.

Shapes floating in an ocean of blue
Shapes floating in an ocean of blue [Cat: 29/9999, Shapes on a blue background, 10 x 8″ / 25 x 20 cm, Chalk on cardboard, 2017]