(17) Sole survivors


#solesurvivors – exploring isolation

A single tree silhouetted on the skyline is a trope of loneliness, but that does not diminish the power of such an image as a single tree is the sole survivor of a onetime forest. Trees do not grow in isolation; they are social beings that benefit from being in numbers, and we mammals have a close association and long-standing interdependence with them, as it was their early presence on the planet that exchanged the carbon-filled atmosphere for life-giving oxygen.

It is this close relationship that I like to explore in my studies of trees, bark, leaves and forests.

Olive Tree South
Olive Tree South: An old olive tree growing near the coast, its boughs swept into an elaborate ‘hair style’ by the prevailing winds – July 2004 – 40 x 30 cm / 16″ x 12″ [Cat:730]
Trees is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Trees focuses on the endless variety in our woodlands and forests, constantly changing in form and appearance throughout the year.

Open Hearted Tree:
Open Hearted Tree: A tree, its trunk completely hollowed out and yet continuing to support a healthy crown of leaves – June 2016 – 40 x 30 cm / 16″ x 12″ [Cat:733]