(13) Fingertip power

A short circuit

#fingertippower – physical interaction 01

This abandoned and rusting fuse box in a parking lot caught my eye. All the fuses have been removed, rendering it redundant, stripped of its power. Even knowing this, the red wiring appears as a warning to the unwary.

Red wires looking alive [Cat: (13) FINGERTIP POWER 001]


#fingertippower – physical interaction

Control has many different meanings in different situations and contexts. Put simply, we all like to have control of many aspects of both our physical and mental landscape. We control the flow of water with a tap, our temptation to snack, availability to others through our phones; in all cases we are trying to tame something that is by its nature uncontrollable.

Green Switch
Collecting reference for various aspects of this project, some used for paintings others for sculpture and 3D modelling [Cat: 150557, Green Switch, 6 mp / 5312 x 2988 pixel, Digital Photography, 2017]
That is what draws me to this area of interest, especially the physical mechanical interface where there is a relationship between the importance of the function, the power of what needs to be controlled and the physical interaction needed – a switch, slider, dial or button.