(02) Shifting tides

Burnham Stave -North Norfolk

#shiftingtides – flowing lines

The mass of shells on this beach made its own composition [Cat: 9999, Sea Shells, Burnham Stave, 12 x 16” / 30 x 40 cm, Digital Watercolour, 2013]
The North Norfolk coast is a special place, where flat landscapes melt into a vast grey-green sea beneath 180 degrees of sky. The defenceless nature of the landscape and the fertility of the land has invited invaders for millennia and probably will for millennia to come. The shifting coastline throws up new sandbars, land locking ports and drowning villages, all adding to its mystery.

There is so much to attract the artist. For me it is the shifting nature of the place; in the course of a day an ancient church can be bathed in sunlight or lost in a misty rain, an Iceni place of worship can become a thriving community church.