(08) Relics and reliquaries

A votive offering?

#relicsandreliquaries – certainty of power 01

What a fascinating find made while walking along Grand Union Canal towpath, I have no idea what this votive is used for, but it is regularly tended and maintained. There is a clear intention and order to the display that extends in all directions from what can be seen in the photograph.

A wayside shrine [Cat: 08 RELICS AND RELIQUARIES 001]

Reliquaries, container of divine power

#relicsandreliquaries -certainty of power

Otherwise unremarkable objects, a nail, a splinter of wood or a square of linen are imbued with the power to heal and mend broken lives by faith and their sumptuous presentation. There is an irony between the mundanity of the object, a nail, and the gold, emeralds, pearls and rubies that surround it, suggesting the uncertainty of power.

I think I can use this ‘objective irony’ to good effect in an artwork.

Comparison of monstrances for reference
Research photography for the Saville project [Cat: 08/015, Comparison of monstrances for reference, 6 mp / 5312 x 2988 pixel, Digital Photography, 2017]