(07) Natural Forms

Shingle washed together

#naturalforms – fluid sculpture

Natural forms, this project covers a wide area with the common theme of flowing lines. These can be found in the delicate contours of a body, the arch of a tree bough and in a stone sculpted on the seashore. Natural forms are created by growth, decay, erosion, and all the forces of wind rain and sun.

However, these shapes are formed by nature and not by the hand of man and so they have our admiration for their satisfying subtlety, beauty and fluidity.

Shingle washed together
Shingle washed together resembling a cluster of cells [Cat: 0340, East Dean beach white blank, 8 x 8″ / 20 x 20 cm, Acrylic on canvass board, 2017]

Testing colourways

#naturalforms – fluid sculpture 10

Using the digital palette, I can try out various colourway on screen, while this could be done with the physical paint, this method gives me the freedom to try many more combinations.

This example is using an image from the Bridge series [Cat: 07 NATURAL FORMS 020]

The finished palette

#naturalforms – fluid sculpture 08

This palette does not follow any accepted convention, I make it up as I go along. Pleased with the result I can see ideas taking shape in my mind. I am ready to scan it into the computer.

Cool on the left, warm on the right [Cat: 07 NATURAL FORMS 013]

Another batch

#naturalforms – fluid sculpture 07

The band clamp in action holding the frames together until the glue sets. There are advantages to making your own frames, for me, it gives me time to think about the paintings.

NATURAL FORMS wp004 frame making
NATURAL FORMS wp004 frame making

Clamps hold the frames [Cat: 07 NATURAL FORMS 004]