In an English garden

#curatedspaces – broad canvass

It is never easy to pin down what is quintessential to our character, but it is safe to say the English love to garden and in a singular style defined by history, climate and scale. Our garden is small in scale but filled with a wide variety of plants chosen for interest throughout the year.

There is a long tradition of artists being inspired by their gardens and in 2016 the Royal Academy of Arts put on an exhibition entitled Painting the modern garden – Monet to Matisse which was the inspiration behind this series of paintings.

Oil sketch of a laburnum

Oil sketch of a laburnum tree cascading over lilac [Cat: 0332, Laburnum, 16 x 20″ / 40 x 50 cm, Oil paint on canvass board, 2015]


Peter Town is a born storyteller gifted with an ability to translate both everyday quirks and deeper philosophical musing through his work. Often using strong lines, vibrant colours and symbolism in his pictures, Town has combined a long and successful career as a designer and entrepreneur with a vibrant artist portfolio. Many of Town’s paintings use strong shapes and primary colours, such as the Stairs series, whilst others are quieter and more contemplative as they represent a more tranquil inner space. His abstract series of prints and paintings represent works where the narrative is more ambiguous but ever-present. He sees landscapes, interior spaces and natural forms as abstract shapes and colours and transcribes these onto canvas. Having studied at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham in the era when Michael Craig-Martin, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Jim Dine wielded their influence, Town went on to the Royal College of Art. Taking advantage of his brilliance for being able to communicate ideas through illustration, Town went on to have a hugely successful career over four decades as a designer. Throughout, he has continued to paint and to develop his artistic style through drawings, acrylics, photography, and printmaking.