#allthatglitters – dreams of fortunes

With dreams of fortunes and fool’s gold, dynamic crystalline geometries both reflective and translucent, rocks provide a fascinating subject to study.  Holding a piece of rock is akin to holding the earth’s history in your hands, and it can be imagined as a whole mountain range in miniature. I find it very difficult to describe rocks visually. They hold a fascination for me, and I regularly seek out examples of other artists’ work for inspiration.

Paintings of rocks
Two sketches of rocks on a hillside in the Aegean region of Turkey made in 2009 for a larger painting when I have decided the direction to take. [Cat: 506 Rocks in shade, 2009, Acrylic on board, 297 x 420 mm] [Cat: 506 Rocks in sunlight, 2009, Acrylic on board, 297 x 420 mm]
Rocks is part of a series of works inspired by nature. While they provide life-long sources of interest, these subjects ultimately form the basis of my abstract paintings which are both hard-edged and yet fluid in appearance. Rocks tells the story of the earth’s origins through their faceted shapes and multiple forms, from tiny gemstones to imposing granite rock faces.

Abstract rock image
Early thoughts about an abstract direction, 2009. [Cat: 722 Flat Rocks, 2009, Digital, 400 x 400 mm]
Rocks study
This is the idea that I am currently working on which will be visualised in 3D, 2013. [Cat: 723 Rock Block, 2013, Digital, 250 x 400mm]


Peter Town is a born storyteller, gifted with an ability to translate both everyday quirks and deeper philosophical musing through his work. Often using strong lines, striking colours and symbolism in his pictures, Town has built a vibrant portfolio. Born in Bethnal Green, he grew up in Liverpool and was later educated at Bath Academy of Art and the Royal College of Art. Taking advantage of his ability to communicate ideas visually, he went on to enjoy a successful career as a designer while he continued to paint and develop his artistic style through drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. While many of Town’s paintings use strong shapes and primary colours, such as the Stairscapes series, others are quieter and more contemplative, representing a more tranquil inner space. His Abstracts series features works where the narrative is more ambiguous but ever-present. He sees landscapes, interior spaces and natural forms as abstract shapes and colours, transcribing these in his unique style onto paper and canvas.