(09) All the world’s knowledge

Memory Theatres

#allthatisknown – theatre of memory

Memory Theatres were visualised as small scale wooden models used as a device to aid memory by associating thoughts with objects, shapes and colours – a technique still widely used today to remember complex thoughts – thought association.  It is easier to remember, for example, the image of a ‘purple cat’ which in turn can help you recall a long story.

Memory Theatres, originally a Greek concept were revived in the 1600s for a similar but different purpose. They were built to store all known knowledge in the vaults of a scholar’s mind. Each room and object in the wooden model would re-surface knowledge as the scholar mentally walked through the rooms. They were also thought to be used by the occult access supernatural powers.

I am building a contemporary version of the theatre.

Emotional memory controller prototype
The memory control panel is used to set the emotional state of the individual [Cat: 09/0000, Emotional memory controller prototype, Scaleable / Digital vector, Illustrator, 2016]