My Vinyl Collection

Lonnie Donegan, Showcase, 1956
Lonnie Donegan, Showcase, 1956

Too much has probably been written already about the demise of recorded music, so I am keeping this short. Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson wrote a piece in the FT about the current poor sound quality of music, especially mp3 and it got me thinking. I agree with the points that he makes but it is more than that, his article reminded me that buying and owning a vinyl album was a rich experience in so many ways, not just the sound quality and in comparison, paying even a small amount for a download is way too much.

I looked at my vinyl collection and though this is interesting in so many ways as it stretches back almost 50 years, it is an obvious source of fascination for a creative person – a potted history of design, illustration and photography in an area which has always been seen as the ultimate showcase for new talent. Then there is the tactile experience – the outer sleeve, the printed lyrics, the inner sleeve protecting the record, often designed and the record label itself – not stuff you get with a download.

Best of all are the personal messages, hand written directly on the album covers from friends, lovers and even parents, doing away with the need for wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tag – so you are right back there in the moment, in 1969, listening to Humble Pie again and sing along, lyrics in hand.

Here is my collection in random groups, to see the album artwork in all its glory click on the thumbnail – I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Les Chausettes Noir – Joni Mitchell
Donna Summer – Lee Dorsey
Otis Redding – Santana
Joe Walsh – The Rolling Stones
Bread – Chalkdust
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Various