elevated platform with defined boundaries

Plateaus are elevated places, strongholds, but they can also represent the limits of performance or ambition. Physically, they can appear as safe places to be, where one can see what is both above and below, but they demand a decision when one leaves them – which way to go next.

The idea of the plateau, with the dilemma faced by the ‘occupant’, inspired me to create the abstract paintings in this series.

PLATEAU | series II | Moonlight
The PLATEAU series [Cat: 9999, PLATEAU | series II | Moonlight, 30 x 40″ / 76 x 101 cm, Acrylic on canvass, 2004]
Shapes & Landscapes

Shapes & Landscapes is a series of work that endeavours to explain my synesthetic visual perception of the world around me.

Other studies in this series are (06) STAIRS, they have always fascinated me with their suspense and surprise; (07) NATURAL FORMS: ABSTRACTS, the challenge of using Natural Forms as a starting point for abstracts is that they are never still; (35) PANES, Reflections open up many possibilities for abstract shapes; (36) MOUNT, well rounded physical structures make satisfying shapes; (37) BRIDGE, anchored at each end bridges defy gravity; (38) PLATEAU, flat plains in elevated positions make interesting geometry; (39) VALLEY, there are many types of valley which encourages experimentation; (40) ARCH, Arches have gentle curves and key stones that hold the structure in place.